Otto Von Schirach's Private Tour of Wynwood's Dorsch Gallery, Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary This Saturday

Otto taking a moment to read about art and stuff.
​​Maybe you didn't know, but master Miami beatmaker Otto Von Schirach is a great friend of gallerist Brook Dorsch. "I remember meeting Brook. It was love at first sight!" Otto beams.

Dorsch is a lover of fantastic art, experimental music, and fun. So when one of Wynwood's awesomest art spots, Dorsch Gallery, celebrates 20 years of existence this Saturday with two solo show openings, art talks, and booze, there will also be a variety of quality performances by fine local noisemakers, including the MIA's favorite Martian from the Bermuda Triangle.

Otto knows a million secrets about the Dorsch Gallery space and he offered to give us an insider's tour.

Von Schirach performed at the gallery space for the first time in 2003 before it was air-conditioned, to a seated audience, oddly enough. "Back then, it was superweird electronic music, that was what was popular, not the pop stuff that everyone wants now. So, it was strange," Otto says.

The most memorable show he's seen at the space was Dino Felipe that same year. He describes it as, "Wasted youth. It really felt like it was underground there. The people who kind of run Miami art were here, in 2003, 2004."

The Dorsch Gallery has hosted numerous other unforgettable performances. But in this post, we're merely exploring the space. Let's start with the water closets.

Hugo's toilet with changing table.
Hugo Montoya Handicap Bathroom
"I actually had no idea until Brook pointed out that every picture in here is Hugo's." Then Otto adds, "Hi, Hugo." All photos in this john were taken by artist Hugo Montoya. They are, according to Dorsch employee Alan Gutierrez, "The longest artwork on view in the gallery."

That's Bert's over the bowl.
Bert Rodriguez Dedicated Bathroom
Otto points out the collage of Latoya Jackson above the toilet, apparently created by local art star Bert Rodriguez. Also in the bathroom is a wonderful New Times' Best of Miami 2003 award for the Best Place to Meet Intelligent Men. Curator Tyler Dorsch says of her husband, "When I first met Brook, one of the things I noticed was this sign."

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Emerson Dorsch

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