Rick Ross's Seizure Scare Causes God Forgives, I Don't Album to Be Delayed

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On October 14, the Bawse boarded a plane for Memphis where he was scheduled to spit some hits for college b-ball fans and then go bless a brand-new Wing Stop chicken spot.

Shortly after takeoff, though, Mr. Rozay suffered a seizure that caused the aircraft to make an emergency landing. He received treatment from EMT before being rushed to the hospital. And still, the Maybach Music exec tried to honor his gigs in Tennessee, checking himself out and firing up the private jet.

But Ross never made it to Memphis, suffering his second seizure of the day. And ever since, it looks like the Bawse has gotten the message, embracing Trina's advice to, "Take a break, take it easy and take care of yourself."

Recently, Rozay admitted that too much hustlin' (i.e. five years' lack of sleep) may have been the cause of his seizure scare. And then yesterday during an appearance on MTV's RapFix Live, he announced that he will most likely be delaying the release of his hugely anticipated follow-up album to last year's Teflon Don, because of "my little health situation."

Originally slated to hit the streets next month, the Bawse's new slab, God Forgives, I Don't, now looks as though it might not drop till early 2012. "The date is still tentative, December 13," he told RapFix's Sway Calloway, adding that after the seizures, "I had to postpone a lot of my groundwork."

"If I wanted to, I'm pretty sure I could still meet that date," he explained before admitting that he needs extra time to finish the record right. "We've just gotta lay ground for it, and Imma keep y'all updated."

Stay healthy, Rozay.

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Da Wigga
Da Wigga

Have some more McRibs, fat fries, pork fat, Belvedere, and cigars Bawse. Don't worry when you vapor lock and pitch into the grave we'll dedicate a song to you: Stone Cold Dead and it goes like this: "He shoulda listened to tha heart Doc, but he said what that foc, kept stuffing his face with fat and now da grave's where he's at, and da bitches miss dat burly hairy chest, big bling, and rhymes flowin' out his head, but now liek Biggie, Tuopac and EZ-E, he's dead". 

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