Taylor Swift at American Airlines Arena in Miami, November 13

Photo by Sayre Berman
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Taylor Swift
With Needtobreathe
American Airlines Arena
Sunday, October 13, 2011

Better Than: Anything we expected. Like, a lot better.

Let's note that this review is being written by a former pop-loving tween. In between the ages of 10 and 13 years of age, I saw N'Sync seven times. And a couple of times on the same exact tour. What can I say? Justin Timberlake's curls really got my training bra in a knot.

So if Crossfade was going to send anyone to judge a country-pop concert at an arena packed with screaming tweenage girls, I was the right choice.

You know what was striking about arriving to Taylor Swift's Speak Now show last night at the American Airlines Arena? I have never seen so many white people in our life! Sure, there was a small Latin presence. But mostly, it was a lot of boots, flannel, and homemade "We Love Taylor" shirts. And after a while, everyone started to look the same.

Photo by Stacey Russell

Also, getting a drink at a concert has never been easier. When most of the audience is out past their bedtime, you can score a vodka and soda almost instantaneously. No surprise that there were a shit ton of kids there.

But there were also ladies of all ages at the AAA. I even met two 30-year-old women boozing at the bar and they informed me that this wasn't their first Taylor Swift concert. They had already seen this tour ... Twice. Meanwhile, sitting in front of me, there was a couple of drunk cougars, who were kid-less by the way.

And don't think there weren't men there. Oh, there were quite a few. And all different kinds.

1. The Gays: Every gay man loves a diva. And Ms. Swift is on her way to being one. So the young homosexual population was out and proud last night.
2. The Dads: Every father knows the way to winning his daughter over for life is tickets to a pop concert. Any dad who brought his little girl to Taylor's show last night just ensured a pretty sweet Fathers Day gift.
3. The Straight Men: While getting dressed for the show, I thought, "What is the point of looking good when there will be no straight men there." I was wrong. But every straight man was with his girlfriend. And it was adorable to watch them bobbing their heads to the music, because you know they were thinking, "God, this better get me laid." Or maybe they were wondering, "Dude, Taylor is hot. Is she legal?"

Photo by Sayre Berman

As an adult at a Taylor Swift concert, you expect the show to be good. There is no arguing that this girl has real talent. But last night's concert was ridiculous. She has won entertainer of the year two years in a row at the Country Music Awards and we now see why.

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American Airlines Arena

601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Taylor is already a piece of Americana. She's only 21 and there's more to come.

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