Tobacco Road Celebrates Its 99th Anniversary on 11/11/11

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Considered Miami's oldest bar, Tobacco Road was once a speakeasy, a gambling den, a gay bar, a strip joint, and blues bar.

It has survived Al Capone, Prohibition, the Great Depression, deadly hurricanes, the Mariel boatlift, race riots, cocaine cowboys. And next Friday, Tobacco Road celebrates its 99th anniversary with a huge blowout party featuring 15 food trucks and bands.

Hosted by Mark Weiser and DJ Oski, the party feature hip-hop crew ¡Mayday!, Latin reggae roots band Araka, dub-hoppers Sounduo, and rapper Garcia -- not to mention Tobacco Road's own Justincredible.

So why celebrate 99 years and not wait until 100?

"The property across the south and east of Tobacco Road has been sold and a huge mall will be built," says Oski. "So nothing is safe to say Tobacco Road will be here next year. All we know is on 11/11/11 we will have an epic event."

If Oski's offhand comment about the possibility of the Road shutting down seems far-fetched, just consider the fact that another Brickell live music staple, Transit Lounge, which was only two blocks away from Tobacco Road, closed suddenly two weeks ago.

For many people, Tobacco Road holds a special significance. And Oski's no different. He had his first gig there in 1999. He's been booking the joint for years. And now he's helping run the show for its 99th birthday.

"I, like many of the folks in South Florida, love Tobacco Road," says Oski. "I would daydream about performing there. I would go and study bands when I was forming mine. It is so very cool that I am part of a team that runs the Road.

"I remember my first gig there on 9/9/99. [So it's] funny that the 99th anniversary is on 11/11/11."

If its 99th birthday is so special, what's in store if Tobacco Road survives till next year?

"Top Secret!" says Oski.

Tobacco Road's 99th Anniversary Party with ¡Mayday!, Araka, Sounduo, Garcia, Justincredible, and others. Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts with a 99-cent, 99-minute Happy Hour at 6 p.m. and tickets cost $10 at Tobacco Road. Call 305-374-1198 or visit

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Tobacco Road - CLOSED

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Tobacco Road is not gonna close anytime soon. I was asked why was it important to come to the 99th anniversary and I was just saying nothing is sure just to get folks out the the party. Trust me we got 99 problems but staying open aint one!!!! Long live the road!



Shut down?!  Don't even think about it!  Although the mall-ing of Brickell has pretty much destroyed what made it a cool area in the first place, The Road is a reminder of the authentic Miami that is authentically cool. In fact, if I were to ever move away, Tobacco Road is likely where I'd want to spend my last night in this town - it's so "un-Miami", yet quintessentially Miami at the same time, and one of the last connections to the the way Brickell was before all the phony, pre-fabricated, antiseptic retail-dining "destinations" came along.  It possesses a great vibe and a real sense of community that always feels comfortable and familiar even if you haven't been in months (or years).  So many good times and memories for so many people who aren't trendy, shallow, poseurs reside in that small space. I've drank there until 4 a.m. many times, remember smoking cigars openly at the bar, made out with pretty girls on the patio and upstairs in the cabaret, had sex up against a car in the parking lot, seen great bands, eaten good food, been introduced to excellent scotch whiskies, and generally been socialized into adulthood on-and-off at the Road over the past 25 years. It's an important institution. Please don't EVER even consider shutting it down!

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