Suspenders and Other Strangely Sexy Fashion Accessories in Trina's New "Red Bottoms" Video

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It's no secret that we here at Crossfade have an out-of-control crush on Ms. Trina.

We've danced for her. We've admitted that she's the boss and we ain't. We've even asked the Magic City's Diamond Princess for her hand in marriage.

Basically, Crossfade fell in love from the very moment Da Baddest Bitch told us, "Nigga you don't know nann hoe, uh-uh/That done tried all types of shit/Who quick to deep throat the dick/And let another bitch straight lick the clit."

So while normally we aren't fashion fetishists, we're totally helpless against Trina's charms. And her new "Red Bottoms" music video is flooding our mind with weird fantasies about strangely sexy accessories. Like, uh, suspenders.

5. Diamond Encrusted-Suspenders
Whenever we see a fat guy, science nerd, or quirky businessman in suspenders, we wonder, Why can't homie afford a decent belt? But when Trina rocks these bejeweled braces, we just can't stop thinking about the Princess's pants falling down.


4. Ms. Trina's Thick Thighs
Whoa. Are those her legs? Or a pair of beautiful pythons preparing to put us in a fatal scissor lock?


3. Electric Blue Lipstick
Usually, blue lipstick turns a cute girl into a creepy corpse. But not Da Baddest Bitch ... She comes off looking like a Venusian babe who should feel completely free to invade our Planet, enslave the human race, and shackle us for all eternity in her diamond-encrusted suspenders.


2. Black Bra, White Shirt
We've all seen plenty of ladies (and even a couple dudes) stumbling around the 24-hour supermarket with their black bra peeking out from beneath a dirty white undershirt. And that's always a sad sight. But somehow Trina pulls this look off with class.


1. Blinged-Out Red Bottoms
Of course, the Diamond Princess looks amazing in her diamond Louboutin kicks. (That's the sexy part.) But really, if we're brutally honest with ourselves, we want some blinged-out red bottoms of our very own. Yes, even the hairy-toed males among us. (And that's the sorta strange part.)

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