Tween Fashion Freakouts at Taylor Swift's Speak Now Show in Miami

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Whoa, bro.
For such a pretty young woman, it's surprising that Taylor Swift appeals less to horny 16-year-old boys than sweet 12-year-old girls.

But compared to most pop tarts (read: Britney Spears) out there, this country siren isn't a bad role model. She keeps it classy, never trashy.

So last night, when Ms. Swift swept into Miami to the delight of her tween-y fans, a pre- and barely post-pubescent crowd arrived en masse to show Ms. Swift some love with adorably crazy ensembles and innocent screams of joy.

See the cut for ten tween fashion freakouts spotted outside Taylor Swift's Speak Now show at the American Airlines Arena.

Swift bananas 002.JPG
As you probably already know, Taylor's favorite number is 13 and whaddya know, she performed at American Airlines Arena on November 13! These two huge Swift-addicts literally went bananas over the singer. Luckily, they were part of a fruit salad group for Halloween and the costumes served two purposes. That's called thinking outside the box.

miniSwift 003.JPG
Look at this mini-Swift! She's rocking out in the shimmery dress paired nicely with leather boots. Red lipstick on a young girl like that, it's daring, and perhaps controversial, but Taylor'd probably approve.

Swift tparty 004.JPG
These gals were having some real pun out there... or something like that. It's T-Party time! There's nothing like dressing up just like your best buddy to enjoy a night of girl power girl tunes.

Swift love 021.JPG
These guys LOVE T-Swift! Just look at those hands! That Hello Kitty bag is making a statement, and that statement is that childhood hasn't entirely passed. There's still some innocence even though the fancy fem dress and boots are pretty punk rock.

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