Which Musical Act Should New Times Book for Brew at the Zoo?

Pop rock icon and sax man Eddie Money.
Miami's wildest keg party is just five months away. Of course, we're talking about New Times' Brew at the Zoo, the all-you-can-drink extravaganza presented by Miller's Ale House.

While we've locked down the venue -- Zoo Miami -- and the date -- April 28 -- we're still trying to figure out which 1980s musical act to hire. Pop rock or New Wave? Brooklyn or Detroit? Solo artist or power pop quartet?

This decision is really stressin' us out. So we're going to pass the burden onto y'all. Would you rather see Eddie Money or The Romantics rock the tits off Brew at Zoo?

Take our poll after the cut.

Eddie Money
If the technology in '80s-era mobile phones would've allowed it, "Take Me Home Tonight" would've totally been our ringtone. Is there anything better than Eddie Money's 1986 classic? The answer is absolutely, and it's called "Two Tickets to Paradise." Goddamn we love Money ... Eddie Money.

The Romantics
It's no secret, The Romantics are undeniably one of Crossfade's 15 favorite New Wave bands from Detroit. When we close our eyes and go to sleep, the only thing we're dreaming about are The Romantics playing a gig at a zoo while a captive gorilla pounds his chest to the beat of "Talking in Your Sleep."

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Zoo Miami

12400 SW 152nd St., Miami, FL

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The Brewfest is Ft Lauderdale just had Sister Hazel, it was great... why can't we get someone like that? Otis last year was way lame, the Dan Band the first year was good. Give us someone we can enjoy! 

get a clue
get a clue

Both of those selections are horrible...2 years ago Dan Band was good last year Otis Day was O.K.... You guys are too concentrated with drawing a national act when you guys probably don't have the budget to draw anyone that is still relevent cause if you did the past 2 years the talent would have been a higher caliber act.

Keep it local. There are a ton of really good local acts that draw bigger crowds than the Otis Day and Dans Band and lets face it the biggest draw there is the all you can drink beer.

I'm not bashing the event. I thought the last two were good and I will go to the next one. I guess I would rather see something relevent..

Good luck.

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