DJ Three Waxes Poetic About Ten Dance-Floor Weapons

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7. Morganistic's "In The Shadows"
I hold this in the same regard league as Teste's "The Wipe" -- as far as MDMA-zing hypnotic techno records go. This is [a] super-rare [selection] from the once-famed Irdial Discs, which was a wild imprint.

Irdial were the self-proclaimed "leaders of the leftfield" and they put out some wacky shit like Aqua Regia, alongside timeless slabs of bliss like this track by Luke Slater under his Morganistic guise.

I honestly have not played this in years. But after working it into the soundtrack of a Thakoon fashion show in NYC recently, I have an edit nearly put together and it's gonna start seeing some dance floor, probably starting on NYE in the wee hours of the morning. Pure class.

8. Trip Commando's "Energy Tanks"
A secret techno weapon, if for no other reason than nobody ever seems to know what this is and always freak out over it. It's just amazing. Everyone always asks if it's Plastikman. I usually play it much slower.

This and the Morganistic record are special because they were given to me by Harry "The Mad Bastard" Russell, who was a musical mentor to me in my years as a buyer at a record store in Tampa, Florida, as he handled the imports for the late, great Watts Music Distribution in New York. He was always pulling the "OK, if you like that, then check this out" -- and he was always right.

I had the honor of playing the closing set of Labrynth Festival in Japan a few years ago. And if you've heard anything about it, you'll understand how amazing it felt to play this there.

9. Stoop Kid's "Forward" (The Strap-On Jack Mix)
Not the best audio in this clip, but this is a record and label I love. Auto Records only released about five or six records in the mid to late '90s, and they are not available digitally.

The biggest one was Extended Family's "Ulysses" which has to be one of my favorite Harvey mixes ever. This was the second release. The production is bright and powerful on these records and full of dub-wise technique. Timeless, really. This record always seems to call my name when I play in San Francisco or parties like Slowpoke in London.

10. Ramjac's "Massif," Featuring Mixmaster Morris
I heard this first at the Beacham Theater in Orlando, Florida, in the early rave days. Back then, Kimball Collins was a really unique house DJ who unabashedly championed a mostly UK sound.

In the grand scheme of American dance music stories, this place doesn't usually get mentioned outside of those who were there or tied in somehow. But in hindsight (having been to Junior's Sound Factory more than a few times), I can tell you first-hand what Kimball and partner Dave Cannalte had at the Beacham was the American rave culture equivalent. Without getting into details, the Beacham was all about right place and right time as far how, when, where and why it happened the way it did.

And wow ... The first Murk records, Gat Decor's "Passion," Coco Steel & Lovebomb's "Feel It," and so many others I witnessed do things to dancefloors I could not have previously imagined. It should go without saying this record would blow minds at 10 a.m., and it still does. What a breakdown!

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Kimball Collins
Kimball Collins

'Dub Love' is in my Top 5 of all time as well! Nice selection Chris!


Marvin Sasha or Sasha Giorgi??

based on discogs


it's "Sasha-Giorgi",,,,,   two people.

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