Kenny G, Jill Scott, Patti LaBelle: Jazz in the Gardens 2012 Lineup Needs Divas and R. Kelly

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Are you kidding? Kenny effing G!

Wow, we here at Crossfade can't wait for the 2012 edition of Jazz in the Gardens. The hair will be long, luxurious, and kinky. "The Moment" will be sweeter than a soprano on a sugar high. And there's gonna be so much smooth sax in the air that it'll be a shock if even a single Gardens-goer leaves Sun Life Stadium's parking lot with their pants on.

OK, so that's a lie. We couldn't care less about Mr. Kenneth Bruce Gorelick's saxophone sucking. And needless to say, Jazz in the Gardens' 2012 lineup is sorta lackluster so far.

Overall, the fest seems to be sticking with the same formula used to assemble 2011's musical roster, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The organizers have exchanged last year's Gladys Knight for this year's Patti LaBelle. They've traded last year's Lalah Hathaway for this year's Nicole Henry. And they've also tried to pull off a similar swap with last year's Lauryn Hill for this year's Jill Scott.

Jazz in the Gardens 2012 Lineup

Saturday, March 17
-Jill Scott
-Jazz Crusaders

Sunday, March 18
-Patti LaBelle
-Kenny G
-Nicole Henry

But even though she's very charming and quite talented, Ms. Scott ain't no Ms. Hill. Plus, this Jazz sesh is still missing a killer old-school slow jammer like 2011's smokin' Charlie Wilson, not to mention an endlessly amusing novelty act like Bobby Brown's set of '80s jams, stage-humping, and mock-cunnilingus.

So what's the next move, Jazz in the Gardens? Basically, you need some Grade-A divas and a couple superstar pervs to justify the $45 to $175 ticket price. And if your official Pandora Station ("Making the work day a little bit smoother!") is some kind of clue, we're kinda hoping for the surviving members of TLC (RIP Left Eye!), that filthy closet-dweller R. Kelly, and some "Tootsie Roll" action from the 69 Boyz.

Jazz in the Gardens 2012. Saturday, March 17, and Sunday, March 18, 2012. Sun Life Stadium, 2269 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami Gardens. One-day tickets cost $45 to $175 plus fees and two-day passes cost $75 to $350 plus fees via Visit


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Sun Life Stadium

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I can't wait to see Kem, Ledisi and most of all Jill Scott. Lauryn Hill is a mess... Haven't heard anything from her in years... Looking forward to spending the weekend in a fabulous hotel with my significant other on a mini vaca!!!


If you folks in the South can't appreciate this talent, Lauren Hill over Jill, REALLY? Send this show up North, it will be sold out. Jill, Kem, and Ledisi have the hottest cd's out thus far.


Okay, if you're trying to add to the already boss lineup, try Professor Horace Young from Univeristy of Texas. Slamming multi-instrument playing, jazz on the real, able to hook up musical feat. you have ever heard or will ever hear again. So, if you really think you need to pump it up, try him. Horace Alexander Young, Interim Director of Jazz Studies at Texas Southern University


Lol at this article. The Saturday lineup is good enough for me to purchase a ticket. Those artists put on great concerts especially jill Scott. She's way better than lauryn hill.


When you actually listen to some real r & b call me.  Jill Scott, Ledisi and Kem will be a strong draw for those of us who have listened to R and B in the last ten years.

Afrika Scott
Afrika Scott

2012 Jazz in the Gardens is being produced for the first time by AEG.  The 2007 - 2011 events were produced by Leon Saunders S.E.G. / Concertz.  Might be the difference.  Putting together the kind of eclectic lineups JIG has been known for is no easy task 


Amen. Seen Jill twice in 2 years and will see her again, if I decide to travel to Miami.

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