Lady Gaga Photo Book by Terry Richardson: The Perfect Christmas Gift for Gay Hipster Nephews

Just Gaga.
You ever wonder about the hidden, intimate moments of Lady Gaga's private life?

Us neither. However, I'm-more-famous-than-my-subjects photog Terry Richardson apparently answered that question the other way. He stalked the hell out of Mother Monster for a year, starting at Lollapalooza 2010 and ending with her final Monster Ball shows.

Richardson captured many an odd moment in the life of this eccentric (i.e. mad) songstress in 450 color and black-and-white photos. And luckily, this was all done just in time for Christmas! Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson is the perfect present for your friend who is obsessed with irony and Vice Magazine. Or, of course, your gay hipster nephew.

Don't get us wrong, we like the Gags, she actually sings, dances, and sweats onstage. But even so, we're totally going to mock Terry Richardson's photos and her queer antics here.

Photo by Terry Richardson
Avatar/Klingon Gaga
Maybe her face is actually made of rubber? That would be an interesting revelation. Here, for the sake of performance (or just for funsies), the Lady is in monster gear. It's got a hint of Klingon and a touch of Avatar, doesn't it? She looks a little Joan Rivers, no?

Photo by Terry Richardson
Gross-Me-Out Gaga
Please, God, let this be hair dye. How is she wearing fishnet grandpa socks and getting away with it? Sure, she's Mother Monster, the Earthly goddess of all weirdos. But she looks like an old tranny who's just peed blood and we can't even see her face. Terry, we get where you're going here. And we don't like it.

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Mark Levinski
Mark Levinski

Im sorry, but a whole Year chasing Gaga and THESE are the shots he got ???? I looked through the book as a friend got it for christmas and I have to say I was underwhelmed. Richardson is just a lucky boy and  average at best!

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