Miami's Eleven Best Nightlife Photos of 2011

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Photo by Lex Hernandez
Best cleavage: Blonde cougar stalking Calvin Harris at SET.
Over the last 365 days and nights, we here at Crossfade spent about a billion fucking hours in the club. We battered our brains with booze, drugs, and temporal lobe-exploding decibel levels. And consequently, we can't remember shit.

Luckily, though, we had the foresight to have an entire team of photographers shoot about a billion party pics during those billion forgotten fucking hours.

So when we said, "What happened in Miami's clubs during 2011?," we weren't forced to rely on an extremely fragile thing like human memory. We simply collected Miami's best nightlife photos of the last year.

Photo by Ciara Osorio
Best Uncomfortable Moment: Miss Kittin surfs the internet at The Vagabond while Crossfade watches.

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
Best Low-Top Fade: Slow Roast Records' king porker DJ Craze rockin' an amazin' fade at The Vagabond.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
Best Hipster Jesus Spotting: The sloppy-chic son of god turns water into vodka tonic during Mr. Oizo's show at Grand Central.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
Best Professional DJ Attire: Diplo isn't just a DJ. He is a professional DJ. Hence, the crisp short-sleeve dress shirt at Grand Central.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
Best Sweaty Mustache: Some skinny dude lets his hairy upper lip get wet during Dim Mak Miami's rager at Cameo.

Check out the full 27-photo Miami Nightlife 2011 in Photos slideshow.

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