Miami's Ten Best Gay Bars of 2011

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Top hats, bowties, and beefcakes at Score.
Being gay in Miami is hard to match. The weather's gorgeous. The nightlife is amazing. And the pool parties never stop.

However, an exodus to Wilton Manors up in Broward has left the gay bar scene in Miami on the decline. "Part of it has been a migration more than anything," says Stache Bar co-owner Alex Laos. "There is no bar culture here in Miami."

Others, like Eros Lounge manager Carlos Rojas, believe that it's mostly due to the recession and a lack of planning from bar owners.

Yet despite these shortcomings, Miami's still a total gay playground. And anything can happen at a local gay bar, from meeting your next boyfriend (or girlfriend) to enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch with a beefcake in a top hat and bowtie.

Just check out Miami's ten best gay bars.

10. Eros Lounge
Located right on Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami, Eros Lounge shoots for a billiards bar feel, even though there's just one table. Still, it's spacious like a pool hall, with a 360-degree bar, couches for lounging, seven flatscreen TVs, and a dance floor.

Open every day from 3 p.m. till 3 a.m., Eros has a two-for-one happy hour -- featuring premium ($10) and call ($8) liquors, as well as tap and bottled beers ($4 for domestics, $5 for imports) -- that ends at 9 p.m. On Sundays, there's a Tea Dance with live DJs from 5 to 10 p.m., not to mention a Herradurra margarita special.

A nice little getaway from the South Beach hubbub, Eros also has free parking, free WiFi, and a small food menu that includes paninis and gyros.

9. Stache Bar
If you're looking for a nice, friendly, low-key joint, hit Stache Bar on Normandy Isles. It's only been open for two months. And already, Stache has a solid local following. This bar's all about comfort and intimacy. Just head for the cozy patio bar and enjoy half-price well drinks and domestics during the 5 to 9 p.m. happy hour. Come here, grab a bar stool, and relax.

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The Palace Bar & Restaurant

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