Poplife, Mamushka's, Black Division: A Holiday Gift List for Your Local Club Owner or Promoter

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​Miami's club owners and party promoters toil day after day, year after year, planning your nightlife adventures. They give you exciting stories to brag about for decades.

And lucky for Miami scenesters, we have a dedicated stable of nightlife overlords who make this city one of the Planet's most exciting places to party, period. Maybe we're not a brainy bunch, but no one in Boston is having as much crazy, naked-time, drink-spilling, booty-shaking fun as us.

In honor of those who run the clubs and throw the parties, we asked a few scene kings and one queen what they wanted this holiday season.

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Mamushka's Casey Zap
Repping the newest scene spot, Mamushka's Midtown, Casey's not celebrating Christmas. "This Channukah, I want a nice brass bugle so I can play taps on it at ten minutes to 5 a.m. every night," Zap told us. This will be how he's able to "signal last call in way that that is both mournfully appropriate and loud enough to save what's left of my vocal cords."


Black Division's Andrews Lorenzana
If you were around in Miami during the early 2000s, you enjoyed some of the best in indie and dance music with SpiderPussy. The name may have been gross, but Andrews Lorenzana knew how to throw a night. SpiderPussy raved for years, spanning venues from Lola Bar to Liquor Lounge to SoHo Lounge to Circa 28 to PS14. But now Lorenzana is throwing mad stuffs at Haven on Miami Beach and Black Division at Kill Your Idol on Sunday nights. He just wants a little vinyl this Christmas, "I love me some disco christmas music. And I do DJ disco, so..."


Poplife's Barbara Basti, Aramis Lorie, and Jake Jefferson
Over the last 12 years, Poplife's Barbara Basti and Aramis Lorie managed to create a musical kingdom that ruled our Saturday nights. These days, their castle is Grand Central, where they've added longtime promoter Jake Jefferson to the fold.

Barbara hasn't been hanging out as much at night. She takes care of business during the day. Perhaps this slowing down is reflected in the gift she wants for Christmas, "a Cocker Spaniel puppy." Specifically a cream colored pup. We asked her why and she said, "Why Not? Who wouldn't want a puppy?" Amen to that.


Aramis Lorie, you'll still see many nights at Grand Central, running the show. What's on his Christmas list? "Two backup iPhones." He said, "I've lost two already and had to pay full price for new ones. I need backups in case I lose another one." Ahhh, the life of a nightlife businessman.


The newest member of the Poplife team Jake Jefferson who takes care of most of the bookings said that what he wants is a Gelli Baff. We said: "What?" And he said, "Google it. Turns bath water into a sexy time."

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