Rev Run Talks New Year's Eve in Miami, His Career, and Why He Quit Reality TV

Spend NYE on SoBe with Rev Run.
Unless you're blind and deaf, you know Rev Run. He's a founding member of legendary rap crew Run-D.M.C. , an ex-reality TV star, prominent reverend, father of six, and a DJ.

And if you want to check out his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-level skills, he'll be dropping a full night of old-school hip-hop on the Shore Club Hotel's Skybar for New Years Eve 2012.

But before he hopped on a jet down to South Florida, Rev Run chatted with Crossfade from his New Jersey compound about everything from his fabulous career to his words of wisdom for 2012.

Crossfade: How were the holidays in Run's house?
Rev Run: Well, you should know everyone has to believe in Santa. I don't care how old you are. Vanessa is 28 and if she doesn't believe, she is in trouble. My wife is very strict on that. There are so many lights on my house that it is actually blinding. We have the whole block lit up from about November 14, all the way into January. We have a lot of people driving by taking pictures. Inside the house is no different. Every room is turned into Christmas.

New Years in Miami. Are you excited?
For sure. Miami is so crazy. Cars on South Beach in December can barely move! But I am bringing my family with me, so it should be fun. I am really looking forward to it.

The whole family is leaving the East Coast behind?
Yep. I am going to have Justine, Miley, Russy and I believe Angela is going to be out there. Maybe my other daughter Vanessa. Diggy is headlining the Scream tour, so sadly he won't be with us.

I actually met your brothers, [painter] Danny and [Def Jam co-founder] Russell, during Art Basel. Did your mother put success in your milk growing up?
It's a blessing. I can't explain it. I thank God I have some talent. And I'm lucky enough to really enjoy what I do.

Your kids aren't too bad themselves.
Pastry, Angela and Vanessa's [Pastry Shoes] business is doing extremely well. Diggy and Mindless Behavior have been number one on the rap countdown on BET for about five days straight now. Watching all of this happen, I am just so grateful.

I have to know: What is a party with Rev Run like?
Well, I started out as a DJ. Then I put together Run-D.M.C. and it kind of blew up from there. So for New Year's Eve, I am bringing it back all the way because I am DJing this year. I am also bringing Mel Debarge. It's going to be kind of old-school mania.

How did you and Mel Debarge get together?
He is amazing. He does all the New York clubs. When I wrapped up Run's House, everyone was asking me what I wanted to do now and I just wanted to DJ. It has kind of blown up lately, and then I was introduced to Mel in the midst of all of it.

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Skybar at the Shore Club

1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Mel DeBarge
Mel DeBarge

Read as @RevRunwisdom talks about Deejaying and our NYE event at the @ShoreClubSobe


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