Rick Ross Goes Vegan and Four Other Bogus Music Predictions for 2012

With just a few days left in 2011, we can't help but predict what 2012 has in store. Will the world come to an end? Maybe. Will Barack Obama be re-elected? Hopefully. Will the Miami Heat dominate the NBA? Of course.

But what about the music world? What changes will it see in 2012? What's going to be the big story of the New Year?

Check out Crossfade's list of bogus music predictions for 2012 after the cut.

Rick Ross Considers Vegan Lifestyle
Odds: Very Slim
For a 300-pound dude who tackles "fried cheese bread, artichoke dip, roasted chicken with sides, and three pieces of Key lime pie" for dinner, The Boss wouldn't last an hour sans animal byproducts. A more suitable resolution might be drastically reducing his caloric intake from 26,000 to about 2,000.

Talyor Swift Cleans Up Her Image
Odds: Incalculable
C'mon, Taylor Swift's PR rep has never had to work a day in his/her life. This girl's so straight it makes Pope Benedict XVI seem like a Nazi. If anything, Swift should get into a little trouble this year. Maybe partner up with Miley Cyrus and smoke some salvia?

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