Top Five South Beach Bars With No Cover on New Year's Eve 2012

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Those are nice. Do they have liquor in them?
Fact: You don't need to go inside of any building to party this New Year's Eve on South Beach. You can get wild, weird, and wasted in the middle of Ocean Drive.

Another fact: You can't buy beer inside a store on South Beach after midnight. No matter what day of the year.

So if you wanna keep drinking after the fireworks explode, you're gonna need to go into a bar. A free one. That way, you'll have more money to drink.

Here are the top five South Beach bars with no cover on New Year's Eve 2012.

5. LUSH South Beach
Their motto is "Daycare for drunks." Their hours are 2 p.m. till 5 a.m. from Monday through Sunday. They have a beer bong, a pool table, and a stripper pole. The place is about the size of two South Beach studio apartments, with five times as much liquor as the richest kid you knew growing up's parents. This rock 'n' roll surf dive is a great place to get wasted, and you might even run into Lebron James' mom having a cocktail.

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This may be all you need to know about Ted's
4. Ted's Hideaway
This late-night hangout always brings in your favorite bartenders, service people, and probably valet drivers (hopefully after work). Their In-The-Biz New Year's Eve party goes till 7 a.m. There's no cover. And oh, the funny things that happen in the early morning there. Priceless.

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Purdy Lounge

1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Don't forget Crescendos, your local neighborhood piano bar!  No cover, live music, and a complementary toast to top it all off.  Find us tucked away under the Ritz-Carlton, across from the Walgreen's on Lincoln Road.  


the owner is a drunk MF and the only u get is problems, cheap drugs and infected H'S so...good luck


What about Club Deuce, or Twist??


Why go to Sobe for New Years. Have you seen the crowd lately ?Stay in Miami try Mia at buscayne this is the Liv of downtown and They have an open bar on NYE. Prices start at $10

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