Wood Tavern's Grand Opening: Free Drinks at Wynwood's Newest Dive This Wednesday

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Photo by Kerry McLaney
The wall of drinkers past.
​Every once in awhile, a bar opens that bridges scenes. Its appeal is universal. Whether you're into Moose Juice or PBR, Pitchfork or Porsches, this is your common ground. And Wood Tavern is that bar.

Recently, the cosy Wynwood spot opened its doors for private gatherings and Art Basel events, offering a limited number of people a peek inside. But this Wednesday is the grand opening, featuring complimentary cocktails and music by Sweat Records' Lolo and Ryan Evans.

So far, owner Cesar Morales says, "The response has been excellent, a lot of positive feedback." The price, the feel, the music -- people like it. The drinks are very inexpensive and the beer selection is solid. There's even an outdoor space to enjoy the winter weather.

The atmosphere is part '70s living room and part Milwaukee dive. One wall is plastered with vintage wine, liquor, and beer labels from the '40s, '50s, and '60s while a moose looks upon drinkers with dead eyes.

Photo by Kerry McLaney

"A lot of stuff, I got at thrift stores," Morales says, "I'd go every other day, or a couple times a week to see what they got in. I knew what I was looking for." His patience paid off, the couches are comfy and the vibe is relaxed.

The music isn't really the focal point of the place, but it's worth noting. During Basel, out-of-town DJ Dexter Love spun and non-scenester Diego Ramirez has blasted the room to the past with a variety of '80s jams and indie rock. The only genres you won't hear at Wood are hip-hop and electronica. Morales listens to that stuff at home. But you won't hear it at the bar.

Photo by Kerry McLaney

After the New Year, Mark from Ribs-2-Go will be in the back, smoking meat. "His barbecue is phenomenal," Morales raves, "He makes his own honey barbecue sauce that's just fantastic."

So come with an appetite for cocktails and meat. It's time to chill with friends and a bunch of people you've probably never met at Wood Tavern.

Wood Tavern's Grand Opening. Wednesday, December 21. 2531 NW Second Ave., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. and admission is free with RSVP to woodtavern@supermarketcreative.com. There will be complimentary cocktails from 9 to 10 p.m. Call 305-748-2828 or visit woodtavernmiami.com.


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It's a cool spot and I wish him the best of luck!!!!

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