50 Cent Is Dying, Goes Emo on Twitter

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50 Cent is dying.

"I'll be honest," 50 Cent tweeted January 2, "I don't think I'm gonna live much longer. That's why I started my street king movement."

The 36-year-old rapper isn't terminally ill. He's just "conscious that life is short" and admittedly "not suicidal." Nevertheless, Curtis Jackson has been a real emo tweeter lately, writing 140-character messages that read more like a 14-year-old girl's diary than the social media account of a dude who's been shot nine times.

Check out some of Fiddy's saddest tweets.


5. Dear God, make me a bird...
Sure, 50 went on to say he'd like to shit on the world a few tweets later. But this tweet starts off like a middle schooler's poetry project.


4. I love my job, hate my company
Poor 50, no longer having fun making music. Whaaa!

No Faith .jpg

3. Forget it!
Fine, I'll pretend this album never happened. Whaaa!

Suicide .jpg

2. Sometimes I feel worthless
What a sensitive dude.


1. Will you remember me?

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i am praying for you my brotha! 

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