Amber Rose Gets a Face Tattoo, But Is She Really an Avatar? Take Our Poll

Kanye West's ex-girlfriend and Wiz Khalifa's current girlfriend Amber Rose was struck by lightning on Saturday night at Cameo.

The 28-year-old bald supermodel was in Miami over the weekend with Wiz and she was spotted sporting a lighting bolt face tattoo..

TMZ broke the story, questioning whether or not the "Tysone-esque" face piece is real or simply a temporary fashion accessory. "We've called and emailed Amber's rep to see if the ink is permanent," the site says. "So far, no word back."

But while those celebrity gossip fiends wait for a callback from Amber's camp, we're polling our readers on the bigger issue at hand: Is Amber Rose really an Avatar?


Call us crazy, but we think Rose has an uncanny resemblance to a James Cameron-designed Avatar. And we're not even saying that's a bad thing.

Oddly enough, we're sort of turned on by Avatars. It's like three-dimensional cos-play, the future of online fetishism.

Don't judge us.

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