Lil Wayne Writing Prison Memoir Titled Gone Till November

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Granted ... Lil Wayne ain't no Nelson Mandela.

He only spent 11 months in prison (not, you know, 27 years) after getting busted on his tour bus for "attempted possession of a weapon" (not, you know, attempting to free the people of South Africa from the horrors of Apartheid), but why not cash in with a prison memoir?

Today, Weezy and his publisher -- Grand Central, a division of Hachette -- announced Gone Till November, a book based on the diaries kept by the Young Money maniac during his stint behind bars.

The YMCMB spitter's tome is slated to hit streets in November 2012, coinciding with the two-year anniversary of his release from Rikers Island.

Currently, there's no word on Gone Till November's page count or table of contents. But for the record, we here at Crossfade hope Wayne finally provides the literary universe with a riveting, detailed account of that time a Rikers corrections officer confiscated his iPod?

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Did not know he could write. Wonder if he'll include those romantic moments with his in jail boyfriend as well. 


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