Nickelback Hate Group Triggers Comment War, Majority Sides With Crossfade

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The "N" word ... Nickelback. Just writing it makes us want to vomit.

While many of you can't stomach Chad Kroeger's crappy alt-rock crew either, Crossfade's recent petition to stop Nickelback from playing the BankAtlantic Center on May 5 has triggered a vicious comment war.

Nickelback supporters have derided us with inappropriate and reprehensible language like "retarded cunt" and "self-centered twat" while our backers have replied with clever, thought-provoking responses.

Conclusion: Fans of Kroeger and company are both ill-tempered and classless.

Revolutionary music requires talent.

"[Nickelback] only plays quarter note drum beats, they don't use actual chords, mostly power chords, in sections of four, up, down, up, down, just like every other mimicking band does across the land now," writes Robiwan.

"The Beatles weren't playing Chopin but that didn't stop the world from falling in love with them," argues Nickelback supporter JAS66. "So who fucking cares how NB's drum beats are except for elitist douche bags on blogs? You look like a douche bag. You are, don't lie."

Juan Garcia sides with Crossfade, admitting he'd rather shit his pants than see Nickelback.

"I'd rather be stuck on the Palmetto, with NO A/C while having VIOLENT diarrhea!"

Jess Schader measures Crossfade's clout by pointing out that our anti-Nickelback group is only six deep. (BTW y'all really should join). Fair enough, but 23 people -- the bulk siding with us -- commented on the post and over five times that amount dug us on Digg.

So we'll keep fighting the good fight, and encourage you to "sign the petition and take a stand against stupidity, America," as ninoformat says. "Even if it means being an elitist asshole."

Nickelback with Bush, Seether, and My Darkest Days. Saturday, May 5. BankAtlantic Center, One Panther Pkwy., Sunrise. The show starts (if we don't stop it) at 6 p.m. and tickets cost $17.50 to $86.75 plus fees via Call 954-835-7825 or visit

Follow Crossfade on Facebook and Twitter @Crossfade_SFL.

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BB&T Center (formerly BankAtlantic Center)

1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL

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 Wow u guys you are a bunch of faggots for making this group, im not even a nickleback fan this is just sad! 

Sam Berrett
Sam Berrett

You guys really will go to any possible level to have a dig at Nickelback won't you? It's absolutely pathetic, first the band are awful, now the fans? It's hardly my fault for being pissed off is it? How would you like it if you wanted to go see a gig, but some guys started an online petition and got the damn thing cancelled? People love Nickelback, and want to go see them, it's hardly fair to take that chance away from them is it?


Who said I liked Nickelback? I was just stating that people who want to see bands they like should be able to without noodle dicked people like you ruining what they want to do


Please do not compile all Nickelband fans into one group, that is a very simple minded assumption! When and why is it anyone else's business or care what other people enjoy? No one is holding you down making you buy a ticket! So please explain why people feel the need to be the voice of so many on a subject that really is no one's business but the person listening or going to see Nickelback! It really comes down to you have nothing better to do & are pissed that your not a success! Not our problem, please keep your opinion as that, your opinion! I would say all you Nickelback haters are the tasteless, uneducated people of this world.....but then again that is my opinion!


Why would you care? Nickleback obviously has fans and they pay to buy their albums and go see them in concert, why would you take it upon yourself to stop this. If you don't want to see them or hear them then DON'T!! I am tired of this... Who do you think that you are to tell other American's who they can see in concert or listen to.... In my mind this makes you a liberal, elitist jerk and you think you know what is the BEST for everyone else so you try to RAM you beliefs and music preferences down everyone's throat. Go get a job and leave the rest of us alone!!  or Better yet move to N Korea where they tell everyone what to do


If people want to pay money to listen to Sh*t thats their business. THERE ARE PLENTY O BANDS THAT SUCK ASS playing in our own backyard. I'm sure your a big fan of most of them. I respect peoples freedom that's why I fail to give a shit. Maybe if you stopped crying over STALE rock bands and put your energy in to other articles people would maybe respect you more as a writer. You are sooooo f*ckin laaaaaaaaammmmmeee!

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