Nickelback Reacts to Haters, Crossfade Pushes Buttons

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It's an American Music Award, Chad. So what? Where's your Grammy?
Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words really hurt Nickelback.

According to a recent article on, Nickelback is "annoyed with all this constant ridicule." They're sick of taking cheap shots from critics for their lame brand of mainstream radio rock, and they're especially pissed off about petitions to ban the group from playing gigs.

Rather than letting haters hate, the Canadian group is responding to negative commentary via Twitter, playing the proverbial telephone tough guys on the other end of a prank call while hiding behind the veil of the World Wide Web.

From Rolling Stone:

The band - or, really, whoever it is that is writing their official Twitter - have been writing up dozens of replies. They range from the sarcastic - "I bet it was the best day you've had in a while" in reply to a guy who wrote that he had "an aneurysm and violently shit myself at the same time" upon hearing a Nickelback song on the radio- to the somewhat mean, asking, "Did you do it yet?" to a young woman who wrote that "Nickelback makes me want to chop my ears off."

Ugh. Let's get real.

Nickelback is garbage. We're not jumping on the hate train. We're just spitting the truth. Their music is underwhelming and lacks artistic integrity. Chad Kroeger's lyrics are on par with those of a home-schooled 12-year-old.

If the group really cared about music, Nickelback would quit touring. They're robbing people blind, tricking them into thinking they're going to a rock 'n' roll show before hitting them with two hours of elaborate pyrotechnics and strobe lighting backed by shitty, amateurish music.

We hope Kroeger and company's work visas expire and the tour gets scrapped. The world would be a much better place without Nickelback.

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It is our right as Americans to form our own opinions.  The line is crossed and beaten into the ground when people feel the right to spread negative opinions.  Why is tearing someone downsocially acceptable?  It is honestly as simple as " if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all."  Nickleback fans have a right to gloat about how much we love our band.  But not in the same breathe  slamming another musical group or artist.  Freedom of speech allows  just that...but  maturity and character should give us the wisdom to use those rights in an informative opinion.  Not cheap shots, rude or crude assumptions.  REALLY ... you have alot of venom for someone I doubt has ever met Chad personally.  Let me end by saying Thank you to our current performing artists.  Chad, I am a fan since "How you remind me".  I hope you put  nonsense in the burn pile and continue to make music to enjoy.


I think that bad PR and discouraging comments should be reserved for those musicians who trash the airwaves with lyrics that communicate fucked up values (i.e. objectifying and abusing women, solving problems through violence, promoting racial strife, being assholes to other people, etc..) Those are the ones who contribute shit to society and should be ridiculed instead of idolized... Bands that you think sound amateurish or too mainstream should simply be ignored, there's no need to go out of your way to disrespect another person's work because it doesn't satisfy your personal taste. 


I love how this was archived under "Categories: Talking Shit." Indeed, this was a shitty op-ed.


I love all these people defending This band based on their popularity. You obviously have no idea how marketing works or how the record industry makes money. Popularity is never a gauge on good or bad. And talent? Please, popularity is not a gauge on talent either, never has been. Nickelback fulfills their record companies teenage girl demographic. You're either a teenage girl or a moron.


If you cared anything about good journalism, you'd quit the industry and go get a job at Walmart! Blah, blah, blah...I hate Nickelback...blah, blah, blah. Nickelback is one of the biggest bands in the world! Why? Because their fans love their music! Nickelback is drawing over 15,000 new fans a day on Facebook, they've sold 50M albums. For just one video, When We Stand Together, there have been 46.5 million views! Why? Because their fans love their music, isn't it obvious to you by now?! Move on to something else you have time to hate. #Boredwithyourblog

egg bomb daddy
egg bomb daddy

Funny that you should mention Walmart, since much like Nickelback, it peddles cheap junk for the masses.

What I don't understand is why Nickelback gets singled out when there are at least a dozen other similarly successful and bland radio rock bands from the early 00s still touring and selling CDs at Walmart.


OH MY GOD!!!!! It's you again. The man who doesn't have anything better to do than bullshit about people who are alot more talented than him and a hell of alot richer. You really do need to get a REAL job you fucking pathetic creep!

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