O'Grime Dedicate "Kush Smoke & Pussy" to "Women Who Smoke Weed"

Whenever O'Grime's L.Rey and Nikolais Javan ain't too busy playing video games and enjoying domework, they're cranking out absurd and amazing rap vids dedicated to stuff like strippers ass-smashing Nachos Supreme, the handsomeness of Miami Heat center Udonis Haslem, or "#Planking On Yo Bitch."

And their latest shot of audio-visual swaggishness? A 145-second clip created in honor of "Kush Smoke & Pussy."

"We were inspired by all the ethnic kushsmokers across the globe as well as women who smoke weed," L.Rey tells Crossfade. "We love ladies who smoke rare kush with hairs as beautiful as their own."

Directed by the Julian Yuri Rodriguez, this vid depicts, according to Niko, "a dark world where the smell of kush permeates the night sky, while indoors we relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor."

There's fat blunts, babes with black fingernails, even some swag-style sex magick. And dressed like supernaturally stoned Pharoahs in "the most haze-inspired garments we could find in our homes," the O'Grime guys suck back bong hits, talk "copping brains inside tootsies," and shout out the late Pimp C while fucking 'round with the Ouija board.

By the 145th second, L.Rey and Niko have repeated the phrase "Kush Smoke & Pussy" a total of 28 times. And that's called an incantation, homie.

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