O'Grime Release Cover Art for Pearl Necklace and It's Totally NSFW

O'Grime? Them boys is nasty. Just how we like 'em.
Did you hear about O'Grime's New Year's Resolution? Yes, dude, that O'Grime. The big-in-Lithuania, "Kush Smoke and Pussy" guys.

Word on the street (and by street, we mean Facebook Chat) is that in 2012 O'Grime is not actually going to give a single fuck. Not one. You didn't see it coming with that punched-in-the-face-over-and-over video? Shit is about to get edgier than Tyler The Creator hopped up on Mountain Dew at the mall.

Still skeptical? Well, check the jump for the album art for O'Grime's upcoming EP, Pearl Necklace, which is Not Safe For Work because it features hand-drawn depictions of a colossal amount of semen.


If Miami was ever in need of a wheatpasting renaissance, this cover art should be the signature image of the movement. Maybe O'Grime will continue to name albums after semi-obscure sexual slang, like Dirty Sanchez, Purple Mushroom, Hot Lunch, The Dog in a Bathroom?

To stay posted on what a Pearl Necklace sounds like, check out O'Grime's official Tumblr.

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tame compared to jacuzzi boys

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