Photos: Cee Lo Green Did Not Reprise "Imagine" at Orange Drive Fest on Miami Beach

Photo by George Martinez
On New Year's Eve, Cee Lo Green rang in 2012 by visiting Times Square, hanging out with Carson Daly, and then brutalizing John Lennon's "Imagine" before a TV audience of millions.

It was a disaster. So the next day, he fled south to Miami Beach for the Orange Drive Music Festival where he (thankfully) did not reprise Lennon's classic song.

He just threw on a purple track suit, smiled wide, and put on a "Crazy" show alongside Cobra Starship and Samantha Ronson.

Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

See the full 30-photo Orange Drive Music Festival with Cee Lo Green and Cobra Starship slideshow.

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cee lo  came on 30 minutes late, but was actually pretty good. i am not used to american idol type acts that sing to a track and was hoping for a full band. i guess he had a dj behind him that was scratching.  i was outside (i was not about to pay any $ for this crap) the orange drive fest on friday and they were lucky to have 500-1000 people in there, barely made a dent in the space.  i got there at 2am when it ended on nye and was told they had a large crowd, but judging by the people leaving, i doubt it.  on sunday i was on the beach and it looked like 500-1000  people again. around 9pm they threw the gates open and let everyone in for free.  not sure who put this thing on, but someone took a bath.

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