Pitbull's "Niggas in Paris" Remix: YouTubers React Via Nasty, Negative Comments

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Pitbull dropped his directorial debut video for "Latinos in Paris" last week and somehow managed to slip under our Google Alert radar.

Together with Dominican rapper Sensato, Armando Perez can be seen bilingual rapping 'round the City of Lights, popping bottles at relevant Parisian nightclubs, and performing live in front of a French audience. Peppered with backstage footage of Mr. Worldwide literally jet setting like a G6, the nearly three-minute long video is more proof that this Lil Chico's taking over the music mundo... Or is he?

With a heightened celebrity status, Pitbull has unintentionally opened the haterade floodgate, exposing himself to a barrage of negative feedback from haters 'round the Web.

Check out some of the snarkiest comments from the "Latinos in Paris" music video.

5. Autistic Taco Bell Rapper
Not sure how autism and Taco Bell correlate. But smokerubberandlove thinks Pitbull's the poster boy for both.

Autism Rocks.png
4. Shitbull Bullpit
Did you know some dude named Shitbull reads New Times? Check the comments. Is that you, Shitty?

3. You're Not Spanish
This "Spanish" cat's not voting for Pitbull to become head of hip-hop just because they speak the same language. Kanye and Jay hold the Throne.

No Representation.png
2. You Blew It
BRandy94 came in with an open mind and left with a sour taste in his mouth.

1. Thanks for the Lesson, Douche
Professor Music thinks Pitbull's music is "retarded" and repetitious. We think he's projecting.
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Dumb peep don't know that all rappers that are successful have two personas? There's Pitbull one of the best selling acts of the last 3 years and then there's Pitbull the hardcore underground rapper.  Don't get it twisted!


Bahaha! No. That is not me. But the name is all you- thanks to your article on Facebook "hate pages." Needless to say, this "remix" is shitfull of Shitbulls shit (excuse my french.)


Pitbull's new shit is wack as fuck. Compared to the old Pit, hell yeah. I can't blame him, get yo money boo boo, sucks that your music has to suffer for that.

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