Rick Ross Made It Rain Money (Literally) at His New Year's Eve Party on South Beach

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
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Rick Ross
Rosé Champagne New Year's Eve
Cameo Theatre, South Beach
Saturday, December 31, 2011

Better Than: A night when dollar bills don't fall from the sky.

With less than a half-hour till 2012, The Boss entered the building.

It was approximately 11:33 p.m. when Maybach Music mogul Rick Ross came crashing through Cameo's front door, surrounded by a modest entourage and a couple of huge bodyguards in MMG tees.

Ballin' in a black velvet tux, flossy black dress shirt, a blinged-out pair of signature Rozay-style shades, and the rap game's most immaculately manicured beard, the big homie hustled into the club, bypassing a clutch of photographers that clogged the corridor to Cameo's supercrowded main cave.

Basically, The Boss don't pause for party shots. Although, he did pose like a pro for a few paparazzi-style pics without stalling, stopping, or even stutter-stepping.

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
The Boss crashing the club, posing for those paparazzi-style pics.

As Ross and his posse slipped through the throng, they charged past wannabe Bosses, black girls with blonde hair, old-school hustlers, off-duty strippers, members of the mature-and-sexy set, and even a few white boys with fades.

Winding around the bar, cutting through the general-admission area, and looping past the VIP, they settled in some unseen back room while the DJ shouted out The Boss's famous friends and specials guests: "Mike Epps here! ... Sam Sneed in the building! ... Holla for Flo Rida!"

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
Buckets, bottles, and empty glasses in the VIP.

After a couple double shots of Hennessy on the rocks, 2012 was coming quicker than an out-of-control Maybach Exelero fleeing the cops.

Soon, it'd be time to drop the ball on another New Year. And the DJ kicked off the countdown, announcing, "Just 15 minutes to midnight!," before checking back -- 12, ten, seven minutes -- between each and every track.

With the end almost upon us, Blowin' Money Fast VIPs and Ima Boss-level ballers called for bottles while the general-admission types launched a last-minute rush on the open bar, double-fisting pink cocktails and cheap champagne in plastic cups.

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
DJ Khaled (metaphorically) sellin' dope, straight off the iPhone.

Then, just minutes before the clock finally clicked to 2012, Ross rolled out onto Cameo's small stage with homeboy DJ Khaled, manager and chief consigliere Gucci Pucci, MMG crew member Magazeen, and others keeping watch.

Straight away, the throng upped its grind, throwing hands, shaking ass, shouting "Bawse!" And Rozay proved again that he's the hardest working hustler in show biz, shrugged off the usual NYE "hosting" bullshit, and ripped right into a half-hour set of his iciest hits.

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