Six Best Miami Club Parties on South Beach This Weekend

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It's the first weekend of 2012.

And after two consecutive weeks of hard holiday ballin', the $100,000 parties have finally come to an end. Lucky for us, however, we live in America's playground and there's always something to do.

From hip-hop spots to electro-house megaclubs, the options are endless 'round Greater Miami. Check out Crossfade's picks for Miami's best club parties on South Beach this weekend.

Patrick M. Thursday, January 5, LIV. Dude's got thick black hair like Yani and a knack for EDM. If your dad liked house music, Patrick M would play his third wedding. Call 305-674-4680 for table reservations.

LA Riots. Friday, January 6, LIV. If you thought Rodney King got an unfair beating, wait till this LA-based electro duo slaps you 'round with their remixes and bass drops. Make sure your ears don't bleed onto your designer shirt, bro. Purchase tickets here.

Magic Circus presents Peter Gelderblom. Friday, January 6, Amnesia Miami. This isn't a family-friendly, Ringling Brothers-type circus, it's a full-on electro freak fest complete with bleep-bleep rearrangements of Red Hot Chili Peppers ditties. Holy dance music! Purchase tickets here.

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Omar Ghaffar
Omar Ghaffar

Looks like you left out the only good party this weekend - Dirtybird at Pickle.

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

"Six Best Miami Club Parties on SOUTH BEACH"... I didn't know Pickle moved to South Beach?

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