Free Tune by SomeJerk, Playing Down Monthly Bass Party at Purdy Lounge This Wednesday

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SomeJerk and Dubporn are bass badasses.
​Miami's not exactly behind the curve when it comes to bass music. After all, we invented booty bass.

But we're no strangers to the UK's bass exports either. Local crews like BassHead were playing dubstep in Miami when Skrillex was still squeezing his pimples.

And now that dubstep has become mainstream commercial stadium arena fare, we're lucky to have locals championing the more experimental strains of post-dubstep or future bass.

Case in point: DJ-producer Gooddroid's Dubporn label, whose mission statement is "keeping the soul in bass music."

Another case in point: Miami producer SomeJerk (AKA New Times' pick for Best New Electronica Artist in 2010), who's giving away a free tune, "Concentrate," that was recently featured on Dubporn's The Future compilation.

It is deep-thinking aggro-free bass. "I basically wanted to make a dubstep tune that was as minimal as possible and maybe even a little retro, recalling the 'space' aspect of the original dubstep mantra -- space, bass, and place," SomeJerk tells Crossfade.

It's also the kind of sound that reigns at Purdy Lounge when SomeJerk, Gooddroid, and their crew gather together for Down, a monthly party that they relaunched in 2012 after scoring major props in past years for booking international heavyweights like Scuba and Ramadanman.

Go get bashed by bass on the Beach this Wednesday. You won't regret the beating.

Download: SomeJerk's "Concentrate"

Down with SomeJerk, Gooddroid, Ashworth, Gray Ghost and Animal Krackerz. Wednesday, February 1, and every first Wednesday of the month. Purdy Lounge, 1811 Sunset Harbor Dr., Miami Beach. Party starts at 10 p.m. Call 305-531-4622 or visit

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Purdy Lounge

1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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