Watch Surfer Blood on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

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The Blood boys rompin' at 30 Rock.
We here at Crossfade provided plenty of advance warning that West Palm fuzz rockers Surfer Blood would be jamming out to "Miranda," a single off last year's Tarot Classics EP, during last night's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

But maybe you came down with a real nasty case of the Mondays, passed out at 12:34 a.m. on your fave J.P. Pitts poster, and totally forgot to pre-program your DVR for the Blood boys' late-night romp around studio 6B at 30 Rock?

That's cool ... 'Cause Crossfade (and the internet) have got all y'all Surfer Blood superfans covered. Just check the cut for a video of "Miranda" on Fallon.

Visit to watch the full episode.

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dan cella has a good eye.  during the last chord of the song, jp's guitar changes.  they must have not been happy with something (drummer confetti throw?, fallon coming on stage?) and redid the song or the end and then fixed it in post.  that is really weird especially because it is right at the end.  i would think they iso record all cams and can fix bad shots/takes in post without song redos.  someone should ask the band. facebook/twitter, etc.


it was better than i expected, but they still suck.  what happened to the keyboard player with all the hair?  did he cut it or is he gone? he did seem out of place with all that hair.

Dan Cella
Dan Cella

WTF JP's guitar just magically changes at 3:10. I thought I was going crazy for a minute there.

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