Ten Reasons the 2012 Grammys Are a Total Joke

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As popular culture continues to be consumed by a seemingly inexhaustible inferno of idiocy - dubstep trickle down, reunion shows, Drake, the list goes on - the Recording Academy is putting on their best Nero costumes and getting their fiddles nice and tuned.

Yes. That's right. It's fucking Grammy season.

Ah, The Grammys. The only multi-bajillion dollar spectacle that actively murders the culture it's pretending to celebrate while it sells you smart phones and cancer.

Sorry to shoot ducks in a barrel, but there's no way we can go another second without letting you know the absolute ins and outs of our hatred for this incredible non-musical charade.

10. The Grammys New Rules Are A Big Bunch of Bullshit
The Recording Academy baffles us with their self-importance. Do you really need to treat the restructuring of your little cupcake pageant like it's a god damn U.N. security council meeting? This whole thing is a giant industry charade-bubble, no one needs a fucking play by play of how you restructured the Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media category.

9. Nobody At The Grammys Listens To Rock Music
Good fucking god, did you take a look at these nominees? If you took the Grammys word for it, there hasn't been a new rock band in over a decade. These people need to start beefing up their blogroll or something, because this shit is sinking. Fast.


8. The Grammys Online Gift Shop Is Intolerable
The thought of any and all Grammys merchandise immediately conjures garbage islands the size of small countries. Who buys this crap? We would like to issue an extra rabid "WTF?!!" to the especially deplorable Gucci GRAMMY Timepiece.

7. Kanye West Is Nominated Twice
Maybe live broadcast television will finally take the full-plunge down the meta-pomo-black hole it's been orbiting and Kanye West will interrupt his own acceptance speech to claim he (Kanye West) should actually be the winner. Twice.

6. The Live Performances Scheduled For The 2012 Grammys Are A Total Joke
The promo for the 2012 Grammys hypes up the "first ever" collaborative performance between Rihanna and Coldplay. But, uh, the reason this is the first time these artists have ever shared the stage is because it's a bad fucking idea. Not even Rihanna's song to end all songs, "We Found Love," can make Coldplay sound like anything more than the aural equivalent to pale seafoam wall paper.

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I also agree with Washington. You obviously no nothing about the beauty of music if you say that "we found love" is better then "rolling in the deep"


Kanye West is nominated 7 times. 


only a tool seriously sits down to watch the grammys and take it seriously. only a bigger tool would take up media space to "complain" about it. you have validated it by wasting your time on it. nice one dunce.


  didn'tarcade fire win one year and people went wtf, who is this band.


Smells like angry hipster in there! haa fuck the grammies if you care or like the grammies your probably a maid from guatemala.

Washington Delgado
Washington Delgado

WOW... the fact that you think Rhianna deserves more Grammy nom's than Adele, just proves what a POSER your are.  When did best auto-tune become a category?? 


Completely agree with Washington up here^

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