Travis Barker's Nude Photos Leaked! Plus Five Other Famous Rock Star Cocks

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Travis Barker's in a bit of a pickle. According to TMZ, private photos of the Blink-182 drummer's penis have surfaced, arousing suspicion that MediaTakeOut has "unauthorized use of private photos."

TMZ's source claims that the photographs were "private and never intended for public viewing or to be seen by anyone else." And Barker's legal team has already taken action, issuing a cease and desist order on the musician's behalf.

Admittedly, we haven't seen the pictures yet. And quite frankly, we don't want to. There are plenty of other rockstar dickheads on the web to poke fun at. Check out five other famous rock star cocks down below.


Pete Wentz
Ever meet this Fall Out Boy's emo porn doppelganger Pete Wang?


Ray Jay
Dude rode his sister's fame straight onto Kim Kardashian's booty and documented the whole thing with an incredibly boring sex tape.


Gene Simmons
Mr. Simmons is obviously compensating with that 12-inch tongue.

Tommy Lee.jpg

Tommy Lee
This dude's dong proves that life's unfair. Not only was it the size of yardstick, it found comfort inside Pamela Anderson at her prime.


Scott Stapp (Featuring Kid Rock)
Rumor has it that these two dudes crossed swords during a backstage oral sex party.

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i think john stamos got pam anderson in here prime

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