Ultra Music Festival Announces Miami Music Week Pre-Parties, Afterparties, and Pool Parties

Photo by Ian Witlen
UPDATE Check out the lineup, date, and location for Ultra Music Festival's launch of its Ultra Live concert series.

Less than two weeks after announcing its Phase One lineup (Avicii! Tiësto! David Guetta! Kraftwerk! New Order! Skrillex! 86 others!), Ultra Music Festival 2012 was already shouting about being "90% Sold Out!" while frantically urging beat freaks to buy, buy, buy.

Six days later (and almost three months before the fest even begins), Ultra sold out, breaking both last year's record and your little electro heart.

But wait ... Those beat-freaking dreams of having a life-changing Ultra experience (loads of electronic music + cute raver in yellow ski goggles = eternal love) aren't actually dead.

Just now, Ultra announced a whole series of official events going down during Miami Music Week, AKA the Winter Music Conference alternative born in early 2011 following Ultra's nasty breakup with WMC.

There will apparently be "ROAD TO ULTRA pre-parties, ULTRA CARRY ON after parties, ULTRA BEACH pool parties" as well as "ULTRA LIVE, an amphitheatre-only event series."

Details, though, are secret. For now.

Stay tuned to crossfademiami.com for further update on Ultra Music Festival 2012, official Ultra events, and all Miami Music Week parties.

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there will be ULTRAdouches running the events and ULTRAprices as well. Maybe even some ULTRAbullshit too. Fuck ultra, i say we just bum rush that bitch... OCCUPY UMF ANYONE?


Details are secret but I already have my above and beyond ticket.....ok


Cool. I'm hoping by 2015 WMC / Ultra Week / Miami Music Week or whatever you want to call it these days will be a MONTH long :)  The vibe in the streets of Miami Beach is always awesome when this gathering is in town.


you're officially a moron. look at the prices of other edm festivals in the usa. before you say stupid shit like this you should get your facts straight

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