Forever Alone Mixtape: Eight Songs for Singles On Valentine's Day

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6. Earl Sweatshirt - "Luper"
The youngest member of OFWGKTA might have written the most compelling song about teenage heartache there is. It's the old, familiar tale of boy likes girl, boy gets girl, girl realizes she can do much better and leaves. And doesn't everyone deep down want to kill the person they love for making them so emotionally unbalanced? No? Just us? Okay.

5. Cee Lo- Fuck You
This song may be used, abused and dried up like an elderly whore, but it's still one of the catchiest anti-love anthems ever written. The cleaned-up radio version brought Cee Lo out from his post-Gnarls Barkley media slump, but the original sentiment is hands down a million times cooler. Sing it defiantly in the faces of happy couples everywhere.

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