Hard's Holy Ship! 2013 Electronic Music Cruise Sold Out in 28 Hours

Photo by Ian Witlen
The world's greatest sea-bound rave has sold out a full year from its next scheduled sailing date.

Just last month, Hard's Holy Ship! hit the high seas for its maiden voyage, carrying Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Fatboy Slim, Diplo, A-Trak, and 3000 bikini-ready party people to the Bahamas and back.

And this inaugural beats-on-a-boat bonanza was so successful that three weeks after disembarking at Port Everglades, Hard announced that its electronic music cruise "[would] return in 2013."

Cabins for next year's electro ocean adventure went on sale only two days ago. And in just 28 hours, Holy Ship! sold out.

Now prospective partiers will have to sign their names to a waiting list and hope someone jumps ship -- literally and figuratively speaking.

Beat freaks who were aboard Holy Ship!'s 2012 trip got first dibs, with a full day to book a spot before reservations were made available to the general public. And yesterday, it only took five hours of open sales before ticket supplies were totally depleted.

But there's still some good news ... Reservations were placed one per cabin. So if you've got a friend who pre-booked in time, there's still a chance they'll score a large cabin and take you with them.

Better start pampering that beat-addicted best friend of yours.

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they need a bigger boat or a fleet of boats


Rent the OASIS n lets board it as soon as Ultra is done BWA HA HA HA


Was there one hot chick on that entire boat?  The Groove Cruise has the hottest chicks and the girl to guy ratio is like 3 to 1....but this is like a kiddie rave.


Yeah your facts are mad wrong homey.  The boat was fully of rediculously hot chicks. And the the music was insane!  Groove Cruise is corny as hell!!!


There was a boat load of hot chicks on the Maiden Voyage.....The artist lineup was Epic and uncomparable to any of the groove cruise voyages since 2004 hence the 28 hour sell out for the next Holy Ship Voyage....and yeah it was a 21+ kiddie rave, to bad missed out Kid

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