LIV Among the Top Five Highest-Grossing Nightclubs in America

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Forget English, we should've majored in nightlife.

Despite the fact our economy sucks, 2011 was an incredibly profitable year for the nightclubbing industry. Nightclub and Bar's new list ranks LIV among the top five highest-grossing clubs in the US. In fact, the Fontainebleau megaclub raked in as much as $45 million last year, about $10 million more than Miami's second-most profitable club and Ocean Drive tourist trap, Mango's Tropical Café.

In total, nine Miami-area clubs made the Top 100, including Mansion (26), SET (32), Wall Lounge (54), and Space (64). But that's nothing compared to Las Vegas.

Last year, 22-percent of the top 100 highest-grossing nightclubs were located in Vegas, eight of which were in the top 10.

Statistically, Vegas club owners may ball harder than their Miami counterparts, but realistically, Miami's the better city. Who'd want to live in the middle of a desert when you can party like a Cocaine Cowboy on a mega-yacht?

The top 25 highest-grossing clubs are listed below.

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See the complete list here.

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Mike Dukes
Mike Dukes

I was there the night of the video... walked in after leaving my cabana on the lawn with FloRida for Deadmau5. It was an epic night of non-stop celeb sighting. I know the video was more than just that one sunday, but the new years sunday is still talked about.

Pepe Billete
Pepe Billete

they're also a bunch of vende patrias with no sense of loyalty! #heatnation


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The list is not scientific. It's only based on what the clubs tell N&B.

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