Miami's Six Best All-You-Can-Drink Parties for Super Bowl 2012

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Football. In Egypt, people rush the field and die about it.

In America, though, we celebrate our favorite sport with boatloads of liquor, oceans of beer, billions of chicken wings, and the robot who was once Madonna.

And obviously, it's way better to enjoy these all-American footballin' festivities in the flatscreen paradise of South Florida's sportsbar scene. Not your smelly living room.

So here are Miami's six best all-you-can-drink parties for Super Bowl 2012.

6. 3 & Out Irish Sports Tavern, 13067 SW 112th St., Kendall.
Classic, old-style football watch party with tons of BBQ. All the beer and wine you can drink, all the ribs, chicken, and pork sandwiches you can eat, and a tailgate party out back with passin' and kickin' contests as well as a big ol' flatscreen TV. Only $50.

5. Mango Martini, 6125 Miami Lakes Dr., Miami Lakes.
Before it became a disco hangout, it was a sports bar. And Sunday, it turns back time. The big game'll be on the big screen while you scarf all-you-can-eat buffet with wings, wraps, subs, nachos, dips, and more -- plus unlimited well liquors and beer. Only $35.

4. Strike Miami, 11401 NW 12th St., Doral.
If you think the next best thing to football is bowling, this place will get you so wasted that you'll be throwing gutter balls down the bar. Minimum parties of eight people get unlimited bowling (shoes included) and unlimited draft beer, plus all you can eat buffet. Only $44 per person.

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i like to get fucked up and drive my car

Boo Radley
Boo Radley

So what happens when one of these drunken douche bags drives home and kills somebody. Are you all just whoring for some advertisers, or are you actually this insensitive/stupid? If somebody is killed by one of these "partiers,"  I hope the victim's family names you in the lawsuit.


Why is Monty's on this list?  Having drink deals (as every bar will have) is not exactly an all-you-can-drink party.  Oh, but they are not charging entry on Sunday afternoon for people that want to purchase food and drink.  Good to know.  Thanks.  


Yup, going to be at the Ale House in Pinecrest. You can only get in if you buy a "ticket". Best deal of them all.


We don't like to see anybody killed, hurt, or maimed by any driver any day of the year. Stay alive, dont drink and drive, and watch out for people who do.


good eye metacomet, event included for live music

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