Nate Dogg's Posthumous Porno: Wanna Watch?

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Prior to his untimely death last March, "G-Funk's most melodic homie" had several "hoes in different area codes." And on at least one occasion, he and his "Bad Girls" kept it "G-A-N-G-S-T-A" by shooting a homemade porno.

According to TMZ, there is a Nate Dogg sex tape that's being "shopped around," complete with "a sexy Luther Vandross soundtrack," five minutes of hardcore sex with a "Gangstafied Lady," and "two different positions."

Major porn studios, however, seem uninterested.

"The person in possession of the tape is currently shopping it around to the usual porn studios. So far, no takers," TMZ reports.

One commenter on the celebrity gossip website thinks a Barry White soundtrack would've made the tape more marketable. And Bunny admits, "The only bad part [about] sleeping with black men is the R&B music that has to play in the background."

But what about y'all? Would you watch the Nate Dogg sex tape? Let us know by taking our poll. And when you're done, share your favorite celebrity sex tape title in the comments section.

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That shit would be funny as hell if Nate Dogg would have been singing himself while fucking...!!!

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