Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" and Five Other Rap Videos Banned by Viacom

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Nicki Minaj is too hardcore for BET.

Viacom-owned Black Entertainment Television is refusing to air the rapper's "Stupid Hoe" music video. Evidently, naked Barbie dolls and fishnets are far too risque for the network.

We've embedded the 210-second, Hype Williams-directed video below. You'll notice the most offensive element of "Stupid Hoe" is Williams' signature seizure-inducing edits. Well, and the fact that some animals were used as video hoes.

Aside from a few flashing lights and Minaj booty clapping behind bars, this video's harmless, right? But Viacom-approved censorship and hip-hop is nothing new. Check out some of our favorite rap videos that Viacom's deemed art non grata.

5. Mistah F.A.B's "Ghost Ride It"
Our understanding is that "ghost-riding" was a term popular in the hood well before Mistah F.A.B took it mainstream. The way it works, the driver of a vehicle throws the whip in drive and jumps onto the hood to dance. Worried that Middle America would try this at home, MTV pulled the video. Like a ghost, "Ghost Ride It" disappeared.

4. Young Black Teenagers' "Nobody Knows Kelli"
Not only is Kelli a mystery, but nobody knows Young Black Teenagers either. At least not enough to inspire a comeback. The group -- made up of young, non-black teens -- achieved minor stardom in the early '90s before disbanding in '94. While it's not clear why MTV banned "Nobody Knows Kelli," several folks suggest the network did YBT a favor.

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