"Niggas in Paris" Video is "Cray," May Cause Epileptic Seizures

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Photo by Sayre Berman
Quick, grab our tongue.

This "Niggas in Paris" video is so "cray" that we're ignoring the Epilepsy Action warning and risking a seizure just to get through it.

The Jay-Z and Kanye West's globetrotting banger was featured on the duo's collaborative Watch the Throne record. Together, Ye and Jay performed "Niggas in Paris" well over 100 times on their 33-date, 26-city tour.

They did a five-peat of "Niggas" in Miami. And on December 13, 2011, in front of a sold-out crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, they filmed a video.

The video debuted earlier today on Kanye's VEVO channel and quickly started trending on YouTube. When we found it, "Niggas in Paris" was sandwiched between Social Media Week's "Future Hipster" and a video of President Obama shooting marshmallows at the White House Science Fair.

Unsurprisingly, the video's comment wall was littered with high praise, bits of hate, and references to the Illuminati. There was also a bunch of incoherent text, posts "flagged as spam," and several failed attempts at humor. Some of our favorite comments are listed below.


How many platinum records does God have?


Stop convulsing! We're watching a video. Shake that shit off.


Phew. Surely Jay and Kanye were worried about the white man's (or woman's) approval.


Would it be considered copyright infringement even though Jigga and Ye are watching the "Niggas in Paris" throne?


You win.

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Nigga's In Paris Hidden Things you probably didn't notice. This is just a few I've seen

3:20  Baphomet Masonic Eye 3:22 Statues Head 3:27 Some naked woman with babies under her arms3:31 Horse and Lion 4:07: Masonic Compass 

Well that's just a couple of things I've noticed maybe you notice more,but what do you think about this???


Nothing much can be said about these two who have NO IDEA about empowerment! The parent company behind this song is Vivendi, which owns Universal Music Group. The corporate governance are these people: http://www.vivendi.com/vivendi...  Does anyone think they worry about losing control of their business/empire when Black men are running around referring to one another as ni*ga/ers all day/every day? Who's maintaining power/control? I can tell you it ain't Jay-Z or Kanye!!


the statue head at 3:22 is Athena battling Alkyoneos


I think some people go overboard with that stuff; but damn you have a point.  It was pretty spooky. I saw the eye on the pyramid immediately and other things too that you mentioned.

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