MTV: Rick Ross Is a Better MC Than Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne

The folks over at MTV News are the tits when it comes to milking arbitrary blog coverage for web hits.

In December, Music Television's news team assembled a March Madness-like bracket system to countdown Britney Spear's 30 best videos. Over 1 million people voted and crowned "I'm A Slave 4 U" the "Best Britney Video of All Time."

And this month, MTV News opened up the polls yet again, asking its 14-35-year-old demographic to rank hip-hop's "hottest MCs." As it turns out, Rick Ross is everyone's favorite.

"I just got the news that I was voted the game's Hottest MC, and man, it really means a lot to me, of course, but it's an honor," the Miami-bred rapper told MTV. "It's something I've been watching, something I've been a fan of forever. Of course, MTV, they run the game. MMG, we're here. Shout-out to the whole team."

Including Ross, three Maybach Music Group artist broke into the top 10. Philly rapper Meek Mill came in at number seven, while Chi-city DC MC Wale rounded out the top 10. Mathematically speaking, 30 percent of the hottest MCs in the game are signed to MMG--that's serious Bawse shit.

Additionally, Rozay had to beat out hip-hop heavy hitters like Jay-Z and Kayne West, and some not-so-heavy hitters like "boyfriend material" Drake and "Stupid Hoe" singer Nicki Minaj to earn the crown.

Guess we'll be watching his throne now.

Congratulations, Rick Ross.

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Brandon W Carter
Brandon W Carter

lol because the average MTV fan knows shit all about hip hop or rap music in general. with rappers like Tech N9ne, Murs, DZK, The RZA and the others of the Wu-Tang clan, I mean shit I could list at least 15 current rappers that stomp the shit out of every single person listed in that contest. even pre 808's kanye shits on rick ross. all day every day.


They all suck a big fat DiCK


His thrown?


Wale is from DC.  

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