The 2012 Grammy Awards: Twitter Reactions

It's a shame the Grammy Awards don't scroll real-time Tweets throughout the ceremony because last night's show was Osama Bin Laden-level funny.

The "twitterverse" was on fire last night with Grammy-related commentary, a real laugh fest courtesy of indie celebrities, common folks and even the Grammys themselves. With so many performances and so few awards given out during the telecast, the opportunity to make a funny was far too easy.

Check out some our favorite Grammy tweets below.

hip Hop Dead.png
The loss of Whitney Houston loomed over last night's awards ceremony, but the late singer's untimely death wasn't the only tragedy--an entire genre perished.

Kanye wasn't at the ceremony, but he was feeling incredibly nostalgic.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 8.39.37 AM.png
It's never too soon for Hipster Runoff's Carles.

The Grammys clearly have no soul.

Wonder if Kurt would've been up for a Nirvana/Deadmau5 collab-o?

Los Primeros' Ray Moreno think Skrillex got robbed. We can't disagree more.

Get on your feet.png
Whoa, are Grammys' social media efforts managed by a 53-year-old public relations rep or a snarky intern. We're hoping it's the latter.

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