The Marleys (Don't) Drop Out of Marley Fest, AKA Nine Mile Music Festival UPDATE

Stephen and the other Marley bros aren't are showing up for Marley Fest.
See Crossfade's righteous, nine-part guide to Marley Fest 2012, AKA Nine Mile Music Festival.

Before you roll up and roll out to Virginia Key Beach Park next weekend for the Nine Mile Music Festival (which Miami has known as Marley Fest for as long as anyone can remember), be aware that Damian "Jr. Gong," Julian, and recent Grammy winner Stephen Marley will not be appearing or performing the Marley bros are back on the Nine Mile lineup.

Earlier this week when Stephen, Damian, and Julian dropped out of the the fest, details were limited. But it likely had something to do with a 2011 lawsuit the Marley family filed against festival promoter and Bob's supposed half brother Richard Booker.


In December, TMZ reported on the lawsuit, noting the apparent conflict in Damian, Julian, and Stephen headlining a show thrown by a dude who they're taking to court.

Nine Mile Music Festival 2012 Lineup
-Stephen Marley
-Damian Marley
-Julian Marley
-Burning Spear
-Cocoa Tea
-Tarrus Riley
-Collie Buddz

The lawsuit, filed by 9 of Bob Marley's kids, and his widow Rita, alleges that Booker is using the Marley name for profit that they are entitled to, going so far as to register a trademark for "Mama Marley" to sell everything from fish sausage to fish croquettes.

Nine Mile Music Festival. Saturday, March 3. Virginia Key Beach Park, 4020 Virginia Beach Dr., Key Biscayne. The festival begins at 1 p.m. and tickets cost $49.87 to $166.50 plus fees. Four canned goods are also required for admission. Call 877-440-8499 or visit

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Virginia Key Beach Park

4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Key Biscayne, FL

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Peace in Miami
Peace in Miami

Do your homeworkbefore you disparage someone's.good name in the press. Richard Booker and Bob Marley both have the same mother, Cedella Marley Booker, the woman who have birth to Bob and also raised him. Richard lived with "Mother B" aka Mama Marley until her passing and was the one who took care of her though her many illnesses. He had also put together the various Marley festivals in Miami throughout the years. Perhaps Ziggy, Steve, and their mother want more control over Bob's name, but that is a very complex family story.I'm surprised that you have been given the opportunity to write for this publication when you aren't getting basic facts straight and are being so callous about good people's reputations.


Update this article. They are NOW CONFIRMED to perform.


guess they don't really "do it for the love"


maybe they can get the comedian bob marley

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