Tool Performed for the "Devout" at BankAtlantic Center

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Photo by Sayre Berman
Tool is just one of those bands that inspires crazy cult-like fandom. Or a totally indifferent shrug of the shoulders.

But according to our sister blog County Grind, last night's show at the BankAtlantic Center was crawling with rabid devotees to the Temple of Tool.

So what if most of the material was from 1996's AEnima? And so what if Maynard James Keenan seemed to slink away from the spotlight?

Reviewer Arielle Castillo reports that Keenan's voice is "still in album-perfect shape." Also, the music and visuals kept the fanatics screaming.

Castillo's only complaint? "The entire evening's timing went off with an almost clinical efficiency."

We'd call that a win for the Temple of Tool.

Read County Grind's full review of Tool at BankAtlantic Center and check out the full 36-photo Tool slideshow.

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BB&T Center (formerly BankAtlantic Center)

1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL

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Patricia Coulter
Patricia Coulter

The show was amazing! Maynard is never one for the spotlight... and anyone thinking that they would see/hear a show from Tool's latest album, must be Tool's latest fan. The thing that was so appealing about this show is that they were not promoting anything - so yes, the true Tool fans knew it would be a show to remember. TOOL was (and did) going to play WHAT THEY WANTED TO PLAY, and it was bliss for the fans who were lucky enough to witness it.

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