Ultra Music Festival Announces World Tour Stops in Argentina, Ibiza, Poland, Korea, Brazil

The standard Ultra crew cut.
Beware, beat freaks!

The raving masterminds behind Ultra Music Festival have already colonized and conquered Downtown Miami in the name of electronic dance music, annually deploying an entire army of furry-booted troops and uhntz-uhntz-ing explosives experts to terrorize Biscayne Boulevard condo owners with three days of non-stop beat bombs. And yet ... They will not be satisfied.

No, Ultra's totally hellbent on worlwide domination. And today, the UMF high command announced plans to launch EDM invasions (translation: Ultra Music Festival tours) of Argentina, Ibiza, Poland, Korea, and Brazil.

Ultra Music Festival Worldwide 2012 Schedule

March 23 to 25 Bayfront Park, Miami, FL
May 5 Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 27 Ibiza, Spain
July 13 and 14 Hippodrome, Warsaw, Poland
August 4 Seoul, Korea
October 7 Ibiza, Spain
November/December São Paulo, Brazil

Officially dubbed "UMF Worldwide," this operation will span "six countries and four continents" and be executed over seven separate phases, beginning with "UMF Miami" before synth-sweeping through South America, Europe, and Asia for its remaining six stages, code named "UMF Buenos Aires, UMF Poland, UMF Korea, UMF Ibiza, and UMF Brasil."

Now although Ultra Music Festival has maintained its ecstatic stranglehold on South Florida's party population for the last 14 years while also setting up six- and five-year-old installments (translation: "destination festivals") in Ibiza and Brazil, the fest's 2012 invasions of Buenos Aires, Poland, and Korea will be UMF's first-ever incursions upon Argentina, Europe, and Asia.

In the ominous words of Ultra high command: "The brand is set for global expansion, committed to bringing the UMF EXPERIENCE around the world."

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Andreas Myhrman
Andreas Myhrman

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Andreas Myhrman
Andreas Myhrman

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ultra is full of lollipop ravers, and it expensive.  they try to monopolize everything. cant even hear a decent DJ play at the club only if you go to ultra which at at 11pm . been there 3yrs straight  and the hotel is ridiculous high. rather go to EDC in Vegas !


UMF in Poland, this will be insane! Come here!


Tickets should be expensive in Buenos Aires, I have attended UMF in miami 3 times and have been to the cream fields in Buenos Aires which is the only big rave they have. It was full of straight up crack heads... tickets were very cheap so it was like a low class event. PLEASE make it a high class event!


Have you not been to Ultra? It's expensive and it's foll of teenage crackheads. High class event my ass. 


"Ravex" i'm from Argentina, and you don't have any idea of how much expensive are tickets already for music festivals. oh right you pay with dollars it's so much easy ha? please shut up


vos sos un ortiva de mierda, si no te gusta no vayas

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