2ManyDJs at Ultra Music Festival 2012: Confetti, Fireworks, and Melted Records

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Dude, 2ManyDJs are great for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they've got a great sense of humor, playfully poking fun at themselves, their friends, and the scene itself.

Secondly, they're the same guys behind Soulwax -- not to mention Nite Versions, whose remixes are some of the best tracks to ever clog up the interwebs.

And thirdly, they're superconsiderate of the fans. As their name implies, there are just too many disc jockeys these days. No one could keep tabs on all those remixes. So they went ahead and told the audience the artist and track name for every song they played at Ultra Music Festival on Saturday night.

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Their set at the Live Stage was a bit late to get started, held up until 12 minutes past the 11 p.m. schedule. (But at least they didn't wait 50 minutes like M83, who only ended up playing two songs.)

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Fashionably tardy, the duo came out dressed to impress in snazzy, matching tuxedos. They got right to it after a short introduction and a crazy video of records melting into sexy goop.

With each song they dropped, the video backdrop flashed some kind of insane and hysterical graphic, flashing the name of the song and the artist while bringing the track's album cover to life. A lot of music by other Ultra fest artists made appearances in the set, including Metronomy, Jack Beats, and two tracks from Justice.

They mixed in a little bit of everything, including some hip-hop and then finishing the performance with Nirvana's classic "Breed." Just as they were getting heavy into that grunge anthem, confetti shot over the crowd and fireworks burst in the sky behind them.

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It was an awesome way to finish the night, and the best place for hard electro fans to get their fix. And because 2ManyDJs made it way too easy for us, here's the full track listing.

2ManyDJs Setlist
-Mumbai Science's "Lotus"
-P. Diddy's "Bad Boy For Life"
-Crookers and Dr. Gonzo's "The Gonzo Anthem"
-Justice's "On'n'On"
-Metronomy's "The Bay"
-Afrojack's "Pacha On Acid"
-MGMT's "Kids"
-D.I.M. & Tai's "Ion"
-Ace The Space's "9 Is A Classic"
-Brodinski's "Let The Beat Control Your Body" feat. Louisahhh!
-Zombie Nation's "Tight" -The Rapture's "How Deep Is Your Love"
-BNR Trax's "Acid"
-Handbraeks's "Callgurls"
-Nid Sancy's "Skinny Fit"
-Boys Noize & Erol Alkan's "Avalanche/Lemonade"
-Jack Beats's "All Night"
-Metallica's "Master Of Puppets"
-Light Year's "5 Girls"
-Blur 's "Girls and Boys"
-Lil Wayne's "A Milli"
-Justice's "Phantom Pt. 2"
-Max Romeo's "War Ina Babylon"
-The Prodigy's "Out Of Space"
-Nirvana's "Breed"

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