Ashanti's "The Woman You Love" Video: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

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You're probably scratching your head right now and thinking, didn't Ashanti die in a Bahamian airplane crash? No. That was Aaliyah, the other "A-something" from the '90s.

Ashanti actually resurfaced last year after a three-year hiatus with "Never Too Far Away," the title track off 2011's psychological thriller Dream House. Today, the former Murder Inc soprano is gearing up for the release of Braveheart, the singer's first album in four years.

Keep reading for an extremely detailed breakdown of that record's "The Woman You Love" music video featuring Busta Rhymes.

Welcome to the future, y'all. Vomit bags not included.

Illuminati shit. What's with the levitating, Ashanti?

Something totally fucked it about to happen. Ahsanti looks pissed.

She's on Fire.jpg

Whoa! Ashanti just triggered her memory bank and it's quite literally on fire. We're guessing homeboy in the video may have cheated on Ashanti.

Few women pull can pull the non-sexy underwear look off as good as Ms. Ashanti. Swag.

And we're back to the future.

You're going to want to get that tattoo covered up. May we suggest replacing his name with Crossfade?

A rogue prop from Star Trek just made its way into this video. We hear Busta in the background.

Remy Martin.jpg
This video is brought to you in part by Remy Martin.

Woha, woha, woha, stop the clock. Did Ashanti just find pictures of homeboy with another female? Fuck that noise, she's out.

The aforementioned Star Trek prop is back.

Ashanti uses her hands a lot when she sings, anyone else notice that?

Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Busta Rhymes the constellation?

Ashanti's 'bout to open a can of whoop ass on.

Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 12.12.26 PM.jpg
This video is also brought to you in part by YMCMB.

It's like a sign out of a Tyler Perry movie. Ashanti's man is with another women and she's flipping the fuck out.

Best use of a pregnancy test in a music video in recent memory.

Ashanti continues trying to be the woman her man loves, but she's failing.

Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 12.30.54 PM.jpg
And the creepy tattoo alert is in full swing.

Are you kidding us, Ashanti? How can you take him back after he knocked up some other chick?

Both video and song are a scam.

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Your opener was corny.. Don't fake like people don't know Aailyah because contrary to what you may believe people still love her ask Drake, ask J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar, ask the millions of people who retweeted #HappyBirthdayAaliyah on her birthday and this chica Ashanti ain't no Aaliyah so if you're going to come up with an opening - you could do better than assume people would mistake Aaliyah who's presence still affects people a decade later to a chick who one solid year and fell off into the oblivion where all the fly by nights stars die that or sign to Young Money/Cash Money.  

Don't think so look at the newest members of their roster. YM is the retirement home for one hit wonders, fly by night stars and old heads trying to be hip. Rumor say Ashanti will join, a fitting place for her. 


that video & song reached new & frightening levels of TERRIBLENESS, regardless of "who" ashanti is. she sucked in the 90's and apparently she'll continue to suck all the way to infinity & beyond...


Ashanti had nothing to do with the 90s.

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