Calle Ocho 2012: An 11-Stage Music and Entertainment Guide

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
It feels like only yesterday that we were shaking our hips with Gloria Estefan in a record-breaking 119,969-person conga line at Calle Ocho.

But that was March of 1988, Reagan was in still office, and Miami New Times was only a fortnightly newspaper, not the massive multimedia empire that it is today.

While a lot has changed over the years -- the political landscape, New Times' glossy cover, Gloria Estefan's celebrity -- Calle Ocho is still the United States' largest street party with over a million attendees. It's a multi-national celebration of food, art, and culture hosted each year by an enormous crossover star.

Historically, folks like Desi Arnaz, Jose Luis "El Puma" Rodriguez, and Hansel y Raul have all served as King of Calle Ocho. Local favorites like Gloria Estefan, Willy Chirino and Arturo Sandoval have also held court. And in 2010, Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull, watched the throne.

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
Check out the 35-photo Calle Ocho 2011 slideshow.

This year, Cuban-American Miami native Jencarlos Canela will oversee the Calle Ocho Kingdom. The 23-year-old singer and actor will add his name to the festival's illustrious list of grand marshals, performing live on two of the festival's 11 stages.

Yes, 11. Forget about that tiki-tiki WMC nonsense and get lost en lo major de salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, Top 40 y country. Whether you're black, white, Hispanic, whatever, there is something for you at Calle Ocho.

Now fuel up on cafecitos and check out our Calle Ocho guide.

Mega 94.9 Advance Auto Stage
At SW 11th Avenue
Bro, remember when 94.9 FM played rock 'n' roll? That was such crap. It's so much better now that it's El Sonido Joven de South Florida por que ese ruido de Nirvana y Radiohead was really overrated. How can people listen to that shit, guy? So make sure to catch Calle Ocho appearances by listener favorites El Gato y Patty and Ozzi Muniz, as well as performances by Elijah King and Dyland y Lenny at the Zeta Mega 94.9 stage.

Kiss Country Stage
At SW 12th Avenue (North)
David Ray is back on the Kiss Country stage this year and peppering Calle Ocho with a little twang. For all y'all cowboys and cowgirls, "South Florida's Country Station" is setting up shop on 12th Avenue and it plans to country-rock you all day long.

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Calle Ocho

Corner of SW 8th St. and 10th Ave., Miami, FL

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a non y mous
a non y mous

i hear local fave SUENALO! will be playing at the Planet Pit stage around 3pm. is that true?

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