Hard Miami 2012 With Busy P, Boys Noize, and Destructo at Grand Central, March 22

Photo by Ian Witlen
Busy P goin' Hard at Grand Central.
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Hard Miami 2012
With Boys Noize, Busy P, Brodinski and others
Grand Central, Miami
Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better Than: Admitting the hard electro era of 2007 ever ended.

What's the only thing that can top a night full of the best moombahton DJs the world has to offer? A night full of motherfucking Ed Banger DJs. Duh.

The French electro house label is quite possibly the coolest group of producers on the scene, and Hard put Busy P, Brodinski, and Gesaffelstein together with German techno stud Boys Noize for a lineup so disgustingly hip that bros couldn't even see it.

Photo by Ian Witlen
Yes, Boys Noize salutes you. Or maybe he's trying to hide behind two fingers.

Amtrac opened the night with a set full of originals, followed by an hour of hard and funky electro jams from LA duo Oliver. The place wasn't quite as full of bodies as day one of Hard Miami with Mad Decent and Moombahton Massive.

But there were probably twice the amount of cigarettes being smoked. French electro house DJs actually need nicotine to breathe. Or at least it seems that way.

Hard man Destructo (AKA founder Gary Richards) came on next, taking things in a deeper and techier direction. Some dancers got up on the stage and started going ham, much to the DJ's delight. But it was nothing compared to the near-collapse the previous night's near-collapse during Diplo's set.

Mr. Richards kept the hard and driving tech rhythms going until 1 a.m. when Ed Banger boy Brodinski took over control. Right away, he dove into some nasty, glitchy shit. He teased the crowd with a remix of "Levels" and he got everyone gyrating to "Let the Beat Control Your Body."

Photo by Ian Witlen
Brodinski getting straight nasty behind the decks.

He bounced to the beat from side to side with his eyes closed, just feelin it. Everything got sexy when he dropped "Booty Clap." But that was still only the beginning.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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