M83 on Ruined Ultra Music Festival 2012 Performance: "Our Deepest Apologies"

Photo by Ian Witlen
M83's not-so-triumphant moment at Ultra 2012.
Read Crossfade's recap of M83's two-song set at Ultra 2012.

Ultra Music Festival is over. But we're still wondering about one thing: Will M83 be returning to Miami to make up for a ridiculously shortened Ultra set marred by technical difficulties?

Well, in a contrite statement that we just received from the band's label management, Anthony Gonzalez and crew address that question without making any concrete commitments.

"Due to technical difficulties we were not able to play our entire hour long set as we were most looking forward to at Ultra festival."

"Our deepest apologies to the crowd who waited so patiently while we tried to fix the problems. We hope we will be able to return to Florida and play the full set. It was very sad to us to travel so far and play such a short set."

Now we would like to have received definite word that M83 would be making the trek back down to South Florida. But instead all we get is "hope."

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Hulon Pate
Hulon Pate

FYI Mac Books do fail and are not full proof.

ghost that never lies...
ghost that never lies...

I would say they probably aren't coming back any time soon unless they try and squeeze in a date after Dallas in May before heading to Spain.....

But I would say to Jaime that fans are fans no matter what album they hopped on the M83 train.  Who are we to judge if we enjoyed them prior to their latest, and highly acclaimed album.  

Let's just hope Gonzalez realizes he has lots of fans down here and he won't stop his tour traveling in Orlando and head further south...


Button pushers fail

Just Playin
Just Playin

"We are so sorry. When we pushed play, we forgot to turn off the Random setting. Our laptops went haywire, followed by our hearts. We are so sorry."  X D

Jaime M
Jaime M

Who cares? M83 has been around forever and nobody have seemed to care about them until suddenly Pitchfork and all the other hipster publications make a big deal. Only fans that know them before Midnight City etc should even care and even if so, there were plenty of other acts to see at UMF.

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

Considering M83's Ultra appearance would have been their first South Florida show... ever, I think our lament of how things went down is valid. Yes, they existed before "Midnight City", but that's beyond the point. So you didn't want to see them. Good for you. Tell that to the packed amphitheater full of people.

Sorry, I didn't want to see Guetta, Avicii, or Tiesto, I wanted to see M83 and they were pretty high on my list personally as well as a lot of other people who I spoke to.

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